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Promotional Table Sin Fung Advertising P

展銷枱 Promotional Table


適合超市作推廣產品或試食推廣、商店放置產品作宣傳用途、臨時路上推廣活動 (如銀行信用卡、寬頻上網、健身中心會員招募等)、各類大小展覽會攤位作產品展示、店內佈置、短期特價場等。



  • 專案專員從商討至活動完結跟進,客戶安心

  • 可為客人度身定制不同尺寸及設計

  • 用途廣泛,流動性高,可安放在不同地方

  • 佔用空間不大,適用於場地較小的地方

  • 以PVC板或Foamboard製成,堅固耐用

  • 安裝簡易,無須任何工具,架身可重複使用


報價: 請聯絡我們銷售專員,專員會先了解確定客戶需求再報價

查詢熱線: 2554-8357

Common placements:

  • at supermarket to promote products or food tastings

  • at shop for products promotion

  • temporary promotion activities on street (such as bank credit cards, broadband Internet access, fitness center member recruitment)

  • product display at exhibition booth

  • store layout

  • short-term special offer


Our Services Values and Salient Features:

  • Our project specialist will follow up thoroughly from initial discussion to the completion of installation and dismantlement, so customer can be rest assured by our services

  • Customizable with different sizes and designs

  • Versatile, can be placed in different places

  • Occupies a small space and is suitable for small places

  • Made of PVC board or foamboard, strong and durable

  • Easy to install, no tools required, the frame can be reused


Quotation: Please contact our sales specialist. Our specialist will first understand and confirm customer needs before making the best quotation and delivery and installation schedule.


Enquiry Hotline: 2554-8357

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