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MTR Station Interior Wall Advertisement

港鐵站內牆廣告裝裱製作 MTR Station Interior Wall Advertisement Production







  • 專案專員從商討至活動完結跟進,客戶安心

  • 按須要預先場地實地考察,確保工程從計劃開始正確

  • 專案的裝裱團隊,包括假日出勤


報價: 請聯絡我們銷售專員,專員會先了解確定客戶需求再報價


查詢熱線: 2554-8357

We undertake the production and mounting of advertisement specially posted on the inside and outside walls of MTR stations. Large size advertisement is very eye-catching so it is ideal for large-scale brand new product or event promotion. Display advertisement in stations with a lot of passengers can achieve excellent brand promotion impact.


We do everything from production, installation, mounting and removal. Customer only needs to provide us printed files, installation location and duration.


Our Services Values and Salient Features:

  • Our project specialist will follow up thoroughly from initial discussion to completion of installation and dismantlement, so customer can be rest assured by our services

  • Pre-site site visit if necessary to ensure everything works properly from beginning

  • Our installation specialist team will be on duty even during holidays


Quotation: Please contact our sales specialist. Our specialist will first understand and confirm customer needs before making the best quotation and delivery and installation schedule.


Enquiry Hotline: 2554-8357

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