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按此下載 先鋒廣告製作有限公司 產品目錄(2021年版)






業務多元化、 客戶覆蓋不同規模的大中小企業

近年積極開拓新業務,實踐多元化產業,藉此吸納更多不同種類的新客戶。作為全港最大戶外噴畫印製公司之一,先鋒一直關注市場動態,引進業界最先進的印刷器材及技術,如全港首部專業3D立體牆紙印刷機,以滿足日新月異的市場需求,協助客戶在市場上何時都能保持最高的競爭狀態。 網上訂購平台






We are Universal

  • 全港最大巴士車身廣告製作、印刷及安裝。平均每年處理達90,000車次。

  • 自設工作團隊,由採購物料至生產印製、後期製作、安裝、運輸不假外求。


We are Unparalleled

  • 採用全球各大優質噴畫管理伺服器及最先進色彩驗測儀,專業色彩管理專員確保顏色準確達標。

  • 超過50名自家專業裝裱人員。


We are Unique

  • 以質量為先, 只用市場最新型及最穩定的生產器材。

  • 堅持只採用高質量油墨,所有油墨都經實驗室認證,達國際安全標準。


We are Utopian

  • 公司運作嚴守 4R 守則。

  • 生產採用環保機械,無害材料。 採用環保油墨。

  • 本地行業內首家自設廢墨回收再生系統設備,減低運作成本。



“質量第一,以真誠的專業服務,為客戶提供一站式 戶外數碼印刷解決方案,成為客戶最佳伙伴。”


合作伙伴 (部份)


​我們的客戶 (部份)


A pioneer in outdoor digital advertising printing and production for more than 19 years

Sin Fung ("Pioneer" as meaning in Chinese) Advertising Production Co., Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 2002 with more than 19 year experiences in advertising production industry by now. In 2011, the Macau company was established which focuses on bus advertising production. Thanks to more than 19 years of experience in inkjet production and up-to-date advanced printing technology, we are committed to providing customers with diversified and high-quality advertising printing and mounting services.


We provide full range advertising production and printing services, with more than 38,000 square feet of office, manufacturing and production space, and more than 150 staff in the field of office management, sales, in-house production and installation. There is an independent delivery fleet, which can deliver the goods to each customer timely.


In addition to our proprietary bus advertising production and large-scale inkjet printing business, our printing technology has been developed to be able to print on almost any material, and the printing technology is beyond your expectations. In fact, we are one of the few companies in the industry that regularly examine the latest printing related technologies and bring in the best technologies to the Hong Kong market.

Diversified business with large and medium-sized Customers

In recent years, we have actively explored new businesses and practiced diversified industries to attract different types of new customers. As one of the largest outdoor inkjet printing companies in Hong Kong, we keep close eyes on market trends and import the most advanced printing equipment and technologies in the industry to meet the ever-changing market needs and assist customers to maintain their competitiveness in their market anytime. Lately we have imported the first professional 3D wallpaper printer into Hong Kong. online order platform is our online order platform. It makes it easy for customers to order standard products directly online.


Our strengths and values


We are Universal

  • The largest bus advertising production, printing and installation company in Hong Kong with up to average 90,000 bus advertisement wraps yearly

  • From raw material procurement to production control, printing, post-production, installation, and delivery all under our control


We are Unparalleled

  • Adopt the world's leading inkjet printing management systems and most advanced color tester. Professional color management specialists to ensure color is accurate and up to highest standard

  • More than 50 in-house installation staff


We are Unique

  • Quality first. Only use the advanced production equipment in the market

  • Only use high-quality inks. All inks are certified by the laboratory to meet international safety standards


We are Utopian

  • The company operates strictly in accordance with the 4R rules

  • Production uses environmentally friendly machinery, harmless materials and ink.

  • The first in field to set up empty ink cartridges recycling system to save cost.


Business Philosophy


"Quality first.  To provide customers with one-stop total outdoor digital printing solutions with professional services and become their best partner."

Our Partners (Part of)


Our Customers (Part of)

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