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Large Size Banner Sin Fung Advertising P

大型橫額 Large Size Banner

大型噴畫橫額Banner, 室內戶外隨處可見,用途甚廣。常用作大型戶外廣告、商場掛畫、外牆廣告或裝飾、建築地盤圍板品牌宣傳產品推廣或資料展示、展覽場地活動產品宣傳、學校資訊或活動宣傳等等。






  • 大廈外牆

  • 隧道口

  • 商場外牆

  • 高速公路

  • 學校外牆

  • 文化活動

  • 體育館等場地



  • 專案專員從商討至活動完結跟進,客戶安心

  • 材料尺寸可按客戶需要訂製

  • 高清打印 (1200 dpi),圖像清晰細緻,顏色持久,可多次使用

  • 按須要可預先場地實地考察,確保從計劃開始正確

  • 專案的裝裱團隊,包括假日出勤


報價: 請聯絡我們銷售專員,專員會先了解確定客戶需求再報價


查詢熱線: 2554-8357

Banners can be seen everywhere indoors and outdoors with very versatile usage. It is widely used for:

  • large-scale outdoor advertising

  • shopping mall hanging banner

  • exterior wall advertising or decoration

  • construction site hoarding for brand promotion, product promotion or information display

  • event or product promotion in exhibition

  • council member promotion banner

  • school information or activities promotion


A banner with a theme and special design is very eye-catching on different occasion. It can be used as stage background by hanging on the stage or as background for group photo-taking.

Common placements:

  • External wall of building

  • Tunnel entrance

  • Outer wall of mall

  • Expressway billboard

  • School exterior wall

  • Cultural activity venue

  • Stadium


Our Services Values and Salient Features:

  • Our project specialist will follow up thoroughly from the initial discussion to the completion of installation and dismantlement, so customer can be rest assured by our services

  • Customizable size according to customer needs

  • 1200 dpi high-resolution printing to achieve clear and sharp images; long-lasting colors that can be used several times

  • Pre-site site visit if necessary to ensure everything works properly from the beginning

  • Our installation specialist team will be on duty even during holidays


Quotation: Please contact our sales specialist. Our specialist will first understand and confirm customer needs before making the best quotation and delivery and installation schedule.


Enquiry Hotline: 2554-8357

產品範例 Project Gallery

Sin Fung Outdoor Banner-03.png
Sin Fung Outdoor Banner-01.png
Sin Fung Outdoor Banner-06.png
Sin Fung Outdoor Banner-04.png
Sin Fung Outdoor Banner-05.png
Sin Fung Outdoor Banner-02.png
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